Request e-VOA (60 days) for Indonesia

Indonesia, and Bali in particular, is a popular destination for travelers around the world. This is due to the beautiful beaches for surfing or relaxing, friendly culture and delicious cuisine that the country is rich in. If you are planning to go to Indonesia you need a visa and it is useful to know what the visa requirements are.

Fortunately, Indonesia has recently started offering an online visa (e-VOA) for 60 days that can easily be applied for online, saving you time and money. Here I will give you all the information you need to know about the 60 days online visa, including how to apply for the visa, necessary requirements and tips for your trip to Indonesia.

Attention! There are online providers who can arrange this for you, but there are scammers and parties who charge unrealistic amounts.

Request e-VOA for 60 days

To apply for the 60-day online visa, you can visit the Indonesian Immigration website. It is simple and can be applied for with just a few steps.

You must share personal information such as your name and passport details + upload a recent passport photo. Once you have submitted the application and paid, you will receive the e-visa in your inbox within a few working days (usually 2-3 working days). Print out the visa and keep it with you when you arrive in Indonesia.

Visa requirements

To apply for the 60-day online visa, you must have a passport that is valid for at least six months from the date of arrival in Indonesia. Often you also have to have proof that you are leaving the country. Think of a return ticket or a ticket to your next destination. Of course within those 60 days.

Step-by-step guide

  • Go to the website and click on the "e-VOA" button and then "Apply".
  • "Register" a new account and enter all required personal information and upload a recent passport photo.
  • Pay the visa fee with your credit card.
  • Wait for approval which usually takes 2 to 3 business days.
  • Once the visa has been approved, you can print the e-VOA and take it with you to Indonesia.

Indonesian Immigration website

Costs 60 days e-VOA visa

The costs for the e-VOA visa are 1,500,000 IDR + a small % of the use of a credit card. Converted, that is about 95 euros. It is not cheaper than 2x a visa on arrival (about 70 euros), but definitely cheaper than when you have to do a visa run: plane ticket + transport to / from the airport.

Voordelen van 60-dagen visum

  • No passport issue: You do not have to go to a random visa agency, where you have to leave your passport for an extension of your visa. So you have your passport with you throughout the entire period.
  • Cost-saving: You don't have to do a visa run, saving you a plane ticket and transport to (and from) the airport.
  • Time saving: the online visa process ensures that you do not have to queue for the visa. You do stand in line to have your visa checked.
  • Extended stay: With the 60-day visa you can stay longer in Indonesia and discover it at your own pace. For example, go for slow travel and take in the places longer and better without you. It offers the opportunity to discover slow travel.

Request e-VOA

If you want to travel in Indonesia for more than a month or spend that long in Bali living as a digital nomad, don't forget the e-VOA (the online visa) in advance. for 60 days). It's simple, saves money and time.

Indonesian Immigration website