All-in resort on the Caribbean island Aruba

Aruba is such a wonderful island to relax. The temperature, the white beaches and the azure blue sea certainly contribute to this.

What immediately struck me about Aruba was that all the people here are sincerely friendly. Very hospitable and heartwarming people they are. This immediately gives a good feeling about the island.

All-in resort on Aruba

We stayed at the Divi resort. A lovely resort, where the cottage was located directly on the beach. So from the bedroom you can walk onto the beach and you can dive into the sea. That sounds nice, doesn't it? I can tell you that it was lovely and I would like to go back now. Don't worry about anything, enjoy the sun, the sea and the sandy beach.

Sunset on Aruba

I know of myself that I don't read enough books. That's why I started reading the biography of Steve Jobs. Hopefully, you know this man, or at least what he has achieved with Apple. After a difficult start the book reads away. I've come half way from the book and have to find time to finish reading this book when I'm back home.

Keeping a ball high is much more fun to do, because being active and then cooling off in the sea is perfect! I do like to be active. I hired a bike to cycle over the streets of Aruba to Oranjestad. A super fun experience and in terms of warmth it was good to do. From small markets full of souvenirs for the tourists to the chain of shops you can also find here in the Netherlands.

Snorkeling on Aruba

While snorkeling I came across a Dory a couple of times. You know them from films Finding Dory & Finding Nemo? Very coincidentally I saw the film of Finding Dory on the way there on the plane.

It was a wonderful week on Aruba and I enjoyed it a lot.