Sleep in the center of Ghent at Ghent River Hotel

The Belgian city of Ghent is perfect for a long weekend of living like a Burgundian. It is located in the west of Belgium between Bruges and Antwerp. The center is the nicest place to stay. I can definitely recommend staying overnight in the center of Ghent in the Ghent River Hotel.

Ghent is a bustling city all day and evening. This is due to the many nice hotspots for breakfast, lunch, drinks and dinner that are available. In addition, there is a lot to see and do, because it has many old and beautiful buildings. You can view all of these on foot or rent them from the canals via a boat trip or kayak.

The canals of Ghent

The Ghent River Hotel is located directly on the Leie. It is the only hotel in Ghent that you can reach by boat. Don't first walk for 2k or take the tram, but immediately surrounded by the hotspots of Ghent and the Vrijdagsmarkt. Lovely spot!

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Route from Ghent central station to the hotel is not complicated. I myself have been by tram, but it is also doable on foot. I walked this to catch the train to Bruges. Along the way you can experience the atmosphere by taking a break and sitting on a terrace.

By the way, keep in mind that you cannot park directly at the hotel. There are parking facilities nearby to drop off your car.

Relaxing courtyard of Ghent River Hotel

Entrance of Ghent River Hotel

Breakfast with a panoramic view

Breakfast is good for you, because it gives you the necessary calories you need to start the day well. In this hotel you can have breakfast on the top floor. Here you have a panoramic view of the city of Ghent, while you are also doing a good job.

Breakfast with this amazing view is not exactly cheap, because you pay € 21 per person. For that money you can also have a super extensive breakfast in many places, such as Paul (near the hotel), In Choc Gent (near Gravensteen) or De Parkiet(along the canal).

But look how cool this looks!Panorama view and breakfast in Ghent at Ghent River Hotel

Luxurious breakfast in Ghent at Ghent River Hotel

Hotel room

The industrial history of the building (a couple of former factory buildings) can be found in the modern and stylish room. So I slept in a room, where the ceiling has those insanely large beams. And in the hallway and spacious bathroom there was an industrial pole from the past. Very nice!

If you're lucky, you'll also have a room with a view of the Leie canal. On the other side it is very atmospheric in the evening, because the restaurants along the canal are fully booked.

Hotel room of Ghent River Hotel

Hotel room of Ghent River Hotel

Explore the city after a night sleeping

After an overnight stay in this Ghent Rivir Hotel you can explore Ghent rested the next day. Or pay a visit to Bruges, Brussels or Antwerp. Ghent is in fact the ideal starting point because of its central location between these cities.

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All photos are from Ghent River Hotel.