Krka National Park and its beautiful waterfalls

When you are in Croatia, visiting the Krka waterfalls is a must! During a road trip through Croatia with a camper I visited the Krka waterfalls in the summer. With beautiful waterfalls and its large size (110 km²), the Krka nature reserve is a wonderful area to visit.

You will find the Krka National Park in Croatia near the town of Šibenik or an hour's drive from Trogir, Split and Zadar. In the park you will find beautiful waterfalls that you encounter during a hike. In addition to hiking in this park, you can cool off in the water on a lovely summer day, because in Krka you can swim (so don't forget your swimsuit). At the bottom of the blog you will find useful information for your visit to the falls.

Skradinski Buk

With a 1 km walk (from Lozovac and 4 km from Skradin) you arrive at the hotspot of the park, namely the waterfall Skradinski Buk. With its 100 meters wide and a total length of 400 meters, this is the largest waterfall you will find in the Krka park. And you can even swim at this waterfall!

Do you want to see the most beautiful places around this Skrandinski Buk? If you choose one of the routes, walk on landscaped paths and bridges.

Waterfall Skradinski Buk in Krka

Swimming in waterfall Skradinski in Krka

Roški Slap

A little further are the Roški Slap waterfalls. Less stunning than the Stradinski Buk, but just as beautiful. You walk along landscaped paths and bridges past wide and quieter waterfalls and lakes that are crystal clear. You can start counting the fish here. For a view of the park you can climb up here and enjoy the view.

From Skradin you can reach the Roški Slap by boat or car.

Manojlovac Slap

The highest waterfall in the Krka National Park can be found deeper in the park. If you want to visit the Manojlovac Slap in addition to the other two, then 1 day is not enough. I didn't get around to it because it didn't fit the schedule and secretly had enough of those falls. If you are there longer than 1 day, you can drive there by car. And you can combine it with a visit to the monastery that is there.

Swimming at the Krka waterfalls

In the Krka park you can swim in different places. In the summer, when the temperature is very pleasant, this is also fully used and you see many people swimming. Most you will find at the waterfall Stradinski Buk, the largest waterfall in Krka. Most pictures are also taken here.

Don't like the crowds? Then you will find a quieter place a bit further from the waterfall where you can swim well. And you can enjoy the environment more than the crowds.

View over National Park Krka

Useful information

Are you planning to visit the Krka waterfalls, then I have useful information about you about this park. This way you prepare optimally for the Krka waterfalls.

Where are the Krka waterfalls?

Krka National Park is located less than 90 km from Zadar, Trogir and Split in Croatia (in Google Maps: Krka National Park). On the south side of the park is Lozovac, the main entrance to the park, where most visitors enter the park.

Distances to Lozovac:

  • 15k - Šibenik to Krka National Park
  • 75k - Zadar to Krka National Park
  • 75k - Split to Krka National Park
  • 85k - Split to Krka National Park
  • 275k - Dubrovnik to Krka National Park

Krka is easily accessible from all over Croatia. And there are organized trips from the major cities of Dubrovnik, Pula, Split, Zadar and Zagred by bus.

When best to visit Krka waterfalls?

You can visit the Krka waterfalls all year round, so you can go there when it suits you best. It is good to know that the park looks different depending on the season.

The falls are getting bigger and more impressive in the fall due to the rainy season in Croatia. In the spring, everything starts to grow again. It can also be very beautiful in winter. There is a chance that there is snow and the lakes are frozen, this gives a very special atmosphere.

I was there in the summer and then everything is green and in bloom. The water in the falls is also calmer than in autumn. In the summer it is wonderful if you go swimming there

If you also go in the summer, I advise you to go there as early as possible to avoid the crowds and start at the largest waterfall: Skradinski Buk. The park has a limit to the number of visitors, namely 10,000. It would really be a shame if you just don't get in.

The park opens at 8am. This can of course differ per season. So always check the official website before you go.

Entrance fee Krka national park

You have to take into account that you have to pay to enter the National Park. Depending on the season, the price varies between 4 and 24 euros (30/180 Kuna) for one day. Or combine it with a excursion or day trip. This is certainly interesting if you do not have your own transport.

Are you a student?

Bring your student card and save money!

Also experience the Plitvice lakes

Do you want to see another beautiful national park? National Park Plitvice lakes in Croatia is one of the most beautiful parks in Europe. With a very large size and the amazingly colored beautiful lakes, you will not be bored. From Krka you can reach the Plitvice Lakes in about 2.5 hours by car.