Road trip Croatia with camper

With a camper a road trip to and through the great Croatia. That's what I did with 4 friends last summer. And that Croatia has a lot to offer, such as authentic cities and beautiful parks and beaches, I tell you in this travel story.

Camper road trip through Croatia

From Deventer we left Saturday at noon towards Croatia. With 1,300 kilometers to Poreč, a long journey awaited. Fortunately, we were able to alternate with driving and so we were able to make many kilometers on the first day.

View over Poreč

We arrived at our first stop around 11 PM. Just above Salzburg, in Austria, on a motorhome site. Here we could use the camper for the first time. The camper was ready for use within 20 minutes. Before we went into bed we first chilled and enjoyed our road trip to Croatia. The first part of the trip to Poreč had gone smoothly.

The next morning we left in time for Croatia to drive the last 500 kilometers to Poreč. We did not book any camping in advance, so that during the road trip we could determine where we want to go. However, we had mapped out a route to see the most and best of Croatia.


Our first stop in Croatia is Poreč. This beautiful Croatian city is located on the peninsula of Istria, surrounded by the Adriatic Sea. This 2,000-year-old authentic city is full of cultural monuments. These are not to be missed on a city tour. Some recommendations in Poreč are the Euphrasius Basilica, walk through the city park, the center and the many ruins of temples and villas from Roman times.

Bystreet in PorečBoulevard PorečBystreet in PorečMain street in Poreč

National Park Plitvice lakes

Plitvice lakes National Park

After 2 days in Poreč we continued our road trip to one of the most beautiful nature parks in Europe, namely the National Park Plitvice lakes. In this national park of Croatia you will be baffled by the blue green colors that the 16 lakes have. One is even more beautiful than the other. In addition, you will find 90 waterfalls in the park that you encounter while hiking, some of which are tens of meters high.

If the Plitvice Lakes National Park is on your schedule, I advise you to choose entrance 2. This is less busy than entrance 1. If you want to avoid the crowds completely, read how to visit the Plitvice lakes in high season. Keep in mind that you have to pay an entrance to enter the National Park. Are you a student? Bring your student card and it will save you money!

Plitvice lakes National Park

After getting your entrance ticket you can take the bus or walk (my preference) to the park. Something I personally liked less about this park was the crowds. Which makes sense, because it is a very well-known nature park. You can also avoid this bustle by taking the long hike of 18 kilometers. You come to beautiful viewpoints and the long hike was certainly worth it.

In this National Park of Croatia you will be baffled by the blue green colors that the 16 lakes have.

After a long day hiking through the Plitvice lakes we looked for a camping spot nearby to spend the night. They are very easy to find around the park. And this time not having to compete, but everything was ready within fifteen minutes. Time to relax and take a dip in the pool.

Read all about the Plitvice lakes in this blog.

Plitvice lakes National ParkPlitvice lakes National Park


The next morning, already day 5, we left the Plitvice lakes behind us and started driving towards Trogir. On the way we had a good stopover in Vrlika.

In the small village of Dinara, just outside Vrlika, the 105 km long Cetina river rises and then flows into the Adratic sea. The source of the Cetina river is very cold at 8 to 10 degrees. Real respect for the people who go in this cold water.

Vrlika, origin of the CetinaVrlika, origin of the Cetina


After the stopover in Vrlika we arrived in Trogir late afternoon. The feeling immediately back in time through the narrow streets and the buildings is in the Romanesque, Renaissance and Baroque style.

Boat trip in Trogir

We also immediately found a campsite in Trogir. And it was also on the sea with its own beach. We decided to stay in Trogir a little longer so we didn't have to leave the next day. We ended day 5 while enjoying a few beers.

The next morning we walked from the campsite to Trogir. We had arranged an all day boat trip including drinks and lunch. It started well with a typical Croatian schnap at 9 o'clock. I really hated him!

We sailed from Trogir to the Blue Lagoon. Here the boat stopped and we could jump into the water. After the stop we sailed to the village of Maslinica on the island of Šolta. The last stop was the Duga Bay on Čiovo. On this island we enjoyed a good lunch in a restaurant. After that there was still time to go into the sea.

I do recommend to do a boat trip when you're in Trogir.

Boat trip in TrogirBoat trip in TrogirBoat trip in TrogirOld car in CroatiaOld car in CroatiaSailboats Adriatic coastIsland near TrogirSailboats in the Adriatic coast near Trogir

Canyoning in the Cetina river

One of the things we did was canyoning through the Cetina river. Check the video for a small impression.

Canyoning in Cetina river

Krka National Park

The other well-known national park is the Krka National Park. Like the Plitvice lakes, you will be amazed at the blue-green color of the river.

The waterfalls that you find in the Krka National Park are very beautiful to see. You can cool off in this park, especially in summer, by taking a dip in the clean and clear water.

Read all about the Krka waterfalls in this blog.

Krka National ParkKrka National ParkKrka National ParkKrka National ParkKrka National ParkKrka National ParkKrka National ParkKrka National ParkKrka National ParkKrka National ParkKrka National ParkKrka National Park


Zadar is a typical Croatian city with narrow streets and old ruins. In Zadar we exchanged the camper for a night in an apartment we booked through Airbnb. We were within walking distance of the center and that was perfect.

Had a nice dinner and then discovered the nightlife of Zadar. There was a stage with live music and pleasantly full terraces. The evening ended in an open air club in the middle of Zadar until the early hours.


After Zadar we left Croatia behind us. We had heard that Bled is very beautiful, so we planned a stopover in Bled. A place in Slovenia.

And they were right! With the castle above the trees and the blue water, it is as if you are in a fairy tale. It is exactly as you see it in the pictures!


Bayern Munchen

Stadium of Bayer Munich

As football enthusiasts we have taken a short break at the stadium Bayern Muchen. The largest football club from Germany. On the way there we had seen the stadium in the evening. That is actually more beautiful, because the stadium is then completely lit.

The last night

The last night we were at a campsite on the Moselle in Germany, so that we did not have to drive many kilometers. The next morning I packed everything again and off to the Netherlands.

It was a very successful road trip to Croatia with a camper and highly recommended!