Visit the zoo of Hannover: Erlebnis Zoo Hannover

In one day from the Indian world to the North Cape and to finally end up in Australia among the kangaroos.

A super nice zoo they have in Hannover: Erlebnis Zoo Hannover. The zoo is located in the city of Hannover itself. You definitely don't get the urban feeling when you walk around in the zoo.

Really 200 meters before Erlebnis Zoo Hannover, I was detained by the police. A random check because of a big festival near the zoo. Luckily, there was nothing wrong and we could continue after 10 minutes.

6 different themes

In this zoo they have 6 different themes. In each theme, you will find the animals in their natural environment. In this way each theme becomes unique and is a true experience.


In Sambesi we saw animals like hippos, black rhinos, zebras, the rare Rothschild giraffes and water bird. A real African feeling. With a boat we passed most of the animals. Berber lions have their own canyon and this looks very tough with the rocks.

From the Sambesi we walked on to the Dschungelpalast.


The Dschungelpalast looks like a dilapidated maharaja palace from India. Here we saw Asian elephants, hulmans, tigers and panthers. You can almost touch the elephants. The enclosures are so open and accessible that you really get the feeling of walking through a jungle. Super cool to see!


Yukon Bay

How cool is it to feel like you're on the North Cape. A big cargo ship lying in the harbor, the raw windwarderness is visible. Here you can see the famous polar bears, pinquins, cone seals, wolves and forest bisons and caribou. Not only above water we could look at these animals, but also how they behave and move underwater. A few times a day they have a show. A very large white-tailed eagle flew right over our heads. The seals, sea lions and sea bears showed their tricks to us during the show. A real experience!

Gorilla Mountain

The Gorilla Mountain is home to an eleven-headed gorilla family living in the middle of a boot, surrounded by brook, lake and waterfall. Panoramic windows placed in rocks offer an unobstructed view of the fairytale scenery. They also have more indoor and outdoor accommodations for gibbons, monkeys and lemurs. We also made friends with our orangutan!

orangutan-in-the zoo


A slightly rattling windmill near a reconstructed small Australian village we saw red giant kangaroos, emus, wombats, wallabies and colourful parrots. We were even able to walk between the bennett kangaroos.

Meyers Court

In this nostalgic village, which has been beautifully recreated, there were goats, sheep, cows, pigs and ponies walking around. The Meyers Hof is the last part of the zoo. We haven't been here long either, because it's mainly meant for the youngest visitors.

After walking around Erlebnis Zoo Hannover for a couple of hours, I can tell you that this really is a very nice zoo. All the animals are in well kept and spacious enclosures. The experience by theme is very well recreated and ensures that the animals are in their natural environment. If I am in Hannover again, I would like to come here again.

Soon in or near Hannover?

If you're going to Hannover or near it soon, I'd recommend to visit this zoo in Hannover. It's definitely worth!