Deventer Op Stelten 2018

In a month, the old historic city center of Deventer will be devoted to the international outdoor theater festival Deventer Op Stelten . With over 150 national and international performances, this event is one big theater.

he 2019 edition of Deventer Op Stelten can be found here

Deventer Op Stelten

In the weekend from 6 to 8 July you can watch performances from our own country, France, Germany, England and Belgium on the Brink and the other squares, in parks, streets, churches and other various small locations.

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Deventer Op Stelten


Olivier GrossetĂȘte with cardboard towers of 20 meters high in the context of Deventer 1250 years, Theater Titanick with the large-scale open-air performance 'Alice on the Run', Cirque Inextremiste and a hot air balloon in 'Exit' and Theater Gajes with their new large square production 'Odyssey' will be the highlights of the event. Check the website of Deventer Op Stelten for the entire program.

Aftermovie 2017

Curious about the past year? Check out this Deventer Op Stelten aftermovie 2017.