The 11 best food hotspots in Lisbon

Lisbon is a super cozy place to stay. From Amsterdam, Rotterdam or Eindhoven you can easily fly to this sunny city for a weekend in Lisbon or a longer stay. If you want to work remotely or work abroad, Lisbon is the city with many digital nomads. To make your trip to this city great, here are the hotspots for breakfast, coffee, lunch or dinner.

At Casa do Jasmim and Casa do Patio, both part of Shaidu, they offer a delicious breakfast. Besides these 2 they have more in Lisbon, but also in Porto and Seville. This guarantees you a good start to your day and a big advantage: it is already included in the price. Read here how my experiences were at Casa do Jasmim and Casa do Patio.

Do you have another place to sleep than one of Shaidu, which I can certainly imagine in terms of price in high season. Then there is a bakery everywhere with fresh bread rolls and large croissants. Look for a Pastelaria near you for this goodies. If you want to eat something more extensive, I can absolutely recommend the coffee shops below.

Hotspots for coffee and breakfast

Hello, Kristoff

In the popular neighborhood of Bairro Alto you will find this Scandinavian-looking coffee place. It is a cozy place to have breakfast or lunch.

Dear Breakfast

We stay in the Bairro Alto district, because a little further you will find Dear Breakfast. A beautiful building where you will find this breakfast place. It's over-the-top and perfect for your Instagram.


Neighborhood is also located in Bairro Alto. And is a nice place to have a nice coffee.

Fauna & Flora

For super tasty food you really have to stop by Fauna & Flora. And check out their Instagram (@founafloralisboa), because it's full of good food!

For the Digital Nomads among us: In almost all coffee shops you are not allowed to sit and work here with your laptop during the weekend.

In the winter months, the sun is mainly at the 'mass terraces'. Because I don't like the mass terraces, I prefer to pick up a nice sandwich at a Pastelaria. I then take this sandwich to a bench or to the water to sit in the sun and enjoy a nice lunch.

Weddings can also do this very well in the summer. In addition, you can also sit at one of the above coffee shops, because in the summer there is sun in more places. And are the temperatures higher that you prefer to sit in the shade.


Looking for a nice restaurant in Lisbon? In Lisbon there is a wide choice of good restaurants and depending on what you feel like. These are the nicest restaurants in Lisbon I've been to.


At Tantura you can enjoy a delicious Mediterranean meal. Go for a delicious fallafel, pita bread with homemade hummus or another (meat) dish. This restaurant is also ideal for vegetarians/vegans.


With delicious pizzas fresh from a stone oven. You can very well sit outside on the terrace that you do not expect. With lots of greenery around you, you no longer have the feeling that you are in the center of Lisbon and you can enjoy a fresh pasta or pizza.


The hotspot Farés can be found in Bairro Alto. With a very relaxed atmosphere and super tasty (vegan) food. You are mainly among the locals here and it is really perfect for shared dinner and cocktails.

Boa Bao

Boa Bao has an Asian cuisine and a lot of choice in different cocktails. This place is also loved by the locals and in the summer you can sit on a square on their terrace. The atmosphere inside looks great, so be sure to take a look!


Nood, like Boa Bao, is an Asian cuisine. This one is less hyped by everyone and with that it is also a bit cheaper. But the food is just as delicious!

Time Out Market Lisbon

Foodmarket Mercado de la Ribeira (Time Out Market Lisbon) is exactly what it says. A market with a huge variety of cuisines. Many locals come here to have a drink and a bite to eat. So you can certainly eat something delicious here or you can buy different ones.

Take-away Pizza's

Pick up a pizza and take it to the water or on a lawn at Doca da Ribeira das Naus(opens Google Maps). I did this myself and picked up my pizza at PZA Pizza Alla Pala. And then walked a little bit towards it. Very chill and good for your budget!

In addition, Lisbon absolutely loves cocktails and you can order them everywhere and there are special cocktail bars. Whether you like a Mojito or prefer a mocktail (non-alcoholic cocktail), there is one for everyone.

Enjoy these food hotspots in Lisbon!

A big tip that I really want to give you is that you really have to make a reservation for Friday and Saturday or come very early when the kitchen is open. This is usually 6.30 pm, but always check the opening times of where you want to eat. Then you have another chance to sit. If you want to be sure that you have a place to eat at one of these nice restaurants, I recommend that you make a reservation. I've made this mistake a few times myself and I want to help you avoid it.