LX Factory is a must-see industrial hotspot in Lisbon

An old industrial site in a city is becoming increasingly popular. Also on the edge of the center in Lisbon you will find the hip and creative LX Factory in an industrial area. And this place is a must see for when you are in Lisbon.

At the big bridge in Lisbon you will find the hotspot LX Factory. Surrounded by a large wrought iron gate as an entrance, you arrive at the former factory site. Can not be missed!

For me as a creative person this area feels like a paradise. In addition to other creatives, you will also meet the locals who like to escape from the busy downtown of Lisbon. And of course the necessary tourists also come here, because this is a really lovely place.

What is there to do at LX Factory

You can really do anything in this area, but it mainly depends on when and how long you want to be here. Will definitely recommend to spend a few hours here, so that you can experience everything well and relax.

You will find everything in and around the old factory building from 1846, such as:

  • Hip restaurants
  • (roof) Terraces
  • Design stores
  • Pop-up stores
  • Art Galleries/Graffiti
  • Creative entrepreneurs

The building in the middle has a different entrepreneur in each room who has her or his business, all in an industrial atmosphere. And on Sundays there is an open air market. In short, plenty to do and see.

Oh yes, be sure to check their website if you want to go there, because on the LX Factory site you will find the agenda with all events held there.

Overnight LX Hostel

In the center of LX Factory you will find LX Hostel. This hostel is located in one of the old factory buildings, making it a beautiful and unique place to sleep in Lisbon. With the stairs on the outside of the building that go all the way to the roof terrace!

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Practical tips for LX Factory

Here's some handy information about LX Factory to know where it is, how to get there and when it's open.

Where can you find it?

LX Factory can be found under the big famous bridge Ponte 25 Abril and the address is Rua Rodriques de Faria 103.

How do you get there?

You can get here in several ways. From the center you can take tram 15E and get off at Sto Amaro. If you prefer to take the bus, it is best to go to Calva'rio from Praca Figueria (714). When you get here, you have to walk a few more minutes until you get there. The taxi is also an option, because there are plenty of them.

The best and most convenient is to take a bicycle or such an electric scooter that you can find everywhere in Lisbon. This is simply safe, because you are going over a "new" constructed bike path. And then you can easily continue towards Belém. And cycling in that direction is also good for you.

When is it open?

LX Factory is open every day from 6am to 2am. This way you can decide for yourself at what time of day you want to be there.