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Sweden has great appeal and is a popular destination. It is an ideal country for those who love nature and the outdoors and also has a lot to offer in terms of culture.

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Discover Karlstad with this travel guide

Discover everything about Karlstad. Read about the sights, shops and nightlife of Karlstad in Sweden.


Celebrate Christmas in Sweden

Christmas in Sweden, what this looks like I explain in this blog. At least it sounds very nice.


Gothenburg in 24 hours

In winter to Gothenburg. What I have seen, done and how it has been. Read it in my 24 hours in Gothenburg.


A winter road trip through Scandinavia

The winter road trip that two friends of mine and I made was a really nice trip.


Snowmobile safari in Sweden: Do it!

One of the coolest things I've done so far is surely snowmobile safari in Sweden. On a snowmobile in…


7 reasons to visit Sweden in winter

Zweden in de winter! Dit is waarom je er deze winter naar toe moet gaan!