Discover Karlstad with this travel guide

Karlstad is known as the sun city of Sweden because of the high number of hours of sunshine per year. The city logo is for this reason a radiant sun. It didn't come naturally that it got this nickname.

Opposite the city hotel you will find a statue of the young waitress Eva Lisa Holtz. In the 18th century, she served food and drinks with her sunny disposition and warm smile.

From the guests she gets the nickname "Sola", which stands for sunny. For example, this city has been named the solar city of Sweden.

Eva Lisa Holtz - Sola

This cozy Swedish city is located in the "Dutch" province of Värmland on Lake Vänern. One of the largest lakes in Sweden. Karlstad is very hospitable and also very child-friendly.

Despite the fact that it has almost 90,000 inhabitants, the center of Karlstad is not very big and everything is doable within walking distance.

If you don't feel like walking, you can rent a bike for free in the summer months (May to September) at Solacykeln in the town square Stora Torget.

Karlstad sights

Stora Torget

The Town Square is one of the largest squares in Sweden. On this large square you will find the Peace Monument, which is a statue of a woman holding a broken sword.

Radhuset Karlstad en Stora Torget


A small recreation park within walking distance of the center. It is perfect to go with small children, because they have playgrounds and animals there.

Visit Karlstad in December to experience Swedish Christmas. A unique experience and chances are you also have snow.

You will also find a beautiful city beach here that is used in the summer by tourists such as the inhabitants of Karlstad itself.

With enough hiking trails and a viewing tower, it is a nice place for nature lovers to come.

Winter in Karlstad

Karlstad Cathedral

The Cathedral is located on a hill near Karlstad. You can see it from a long distance. It is really a beautiful Cathedral. It is really worth checking out the Cathedral.

The Värmland's Museum

The Värmlands' Museum is located on the river Klarälven. The museum in the center of Karlstad has exhibitions on the history of Värmland. It goes all the way back to the Ice Age to the present.

Shopping in Karlstad

Karlstad's most famous shopping streets are Drottninggatan, Västra Torggatan and Östra Torggatan. There are enough diverse shops in these shopping streets.

Just outside the center you can find the shopping center Bergvik. This is also one of the largest in Sweden. Here you can find the famous IKEA Karlstad.

Karlstad centrum

Restaurants in Karlstad

At Stora Torget, the pleasant town square, you will find plenty of good restaurants. Baron, The Bishops Arms and Br. Olssons Elektriska are all three good restaurants in Karlstad.

There is also sufficient in terms of kitchens. You have Italian, Thai, American and of course Swedish kitchens.

Going out in Karlstad

As in any other city, you can also go out in Karlstad. There is something for every taste in music. From classical to pop music. Coriander, Jaguar, Plaza and the Temple (my favorite) are the best known clubs in Karlstad.

You also have the Nojesfabriken. You can go bowling and karting in the evening. After the activities you can walk there. In the center you also have many cafes.

So is Bishop's Arms, where you can hang out for a beer after dinner.

If you go out in Karlstad you have to take into account that a beer will cost 7 to 8 euros in the bars.

All in all, Karlstad is a very beautiful and fun city to visit! So if you plan to visit Sweden, a trip to the sunniest city in Sweden is recommended.

If you go there soon, I wish you a lot of fun and I am very curious how you experienced it.