7 reasons to visit Sweden during winter

Winters in Sweden are beautiful. So you don't have any plans for this winter yet, but you plan to leave? Experience Sweden at its best in winter. And after reading the bottom reason, you definitely want to!

7 reasons to visit Sweden

View the Northern Lights

Almost everyone wants to see this, because it is on the bucketlist for many. And the Northern Lights is also on mine. Unfortunately, I have not yet experienced this natural wonder, despite the fact that I have often been in Sweden in winter. The further north you go, the more likely you are to see this unique phenomenon.

  • »Tip: Fly to Kiruna for an even greater chance. *

Northern Lights

Go on a safari with a Snowmobile

This is really cool to do. With a local guide you make a snowmobile safari and there is a great chance to see moose and other wildlife. Different types of snowmobile tours can be made. For example, there is a choice to make a trip of a few hours, but it is also possible for a number of days, where you spend the night somewhere.

Snowmobile safari

In Sweden there is snow

Yes, the chance of snow is of course very high in Sweden! Not in the south, but if you go further north, you have 99% certainty on snow.

Check out the popular ice hockey sport

Ice hockey is more popular than football in Sweden. It is very fast em hard. You must have seen an ice hockey match and luckily you can see that in Sweden itself!

Munkfors ice hockey team

Go skiing in the great nature

Do you like skiing and rest? Both can be done well in Sweden. Branäs is one of the most famous ski areas in Sweden with 24 km of slopes. It is located near the border of Norway. Combines well with a snowmobile safari. Maybe not the same heights as in the Alps, but great fun!

Skiing in Branäs, Sweden

Catch an ice fish

The land of the lakes, as Sweden is sometimes called. These lakes are frozen in the winter. Make a hole and try to catch fish. You do need a special rod for it. And making a hole takes some energy, so you stay nice and warm.

Be careful that the ice is thick enough and snow-free. I always think, if there are others on it it will be fine. Safety is important! You still want to sit in front of the wood stove in the evening?

Ice fishing in KarlstadIce fishing in Karlstad

Go ice skating over very large lakes with natural ice

And finally. Sweden is very suitable for ice skating on natural ice. Many marathons are organized with large lakes that are completely frozen.

Sweden has a lot to offer in winter, so go for a winter trip in Sweden.