A winter road trip through Scandinavia

Taking a road trip is very cool. You decide with whom you go where and when you stop. And what you want to see or do that day. The unexpected things that happen make a road trip unforgettable.

Very occasionally frustrating and irritation, but above all it is super cozy! You get to know each other even better and discover cool things together and become even closer as friends.   If you already follow me on Instagram, you have already seen the necessary winter photos of a wintry Sweden and Norway.

But in winter it is still super cold in Sweden and Norway, I already hear you think. Yes for sure. The coldest thing we experienced was -20 degrees. In addition, the roads were completely snowy and frozen.

We did the winter road trip with a jeep. We have driven a fantastic route, where you will encounter really beautiful nature, such as this lake:

The winter road trip

It was my first winter road trip. And this can be described in three words: "so very fantastic!". With the winter conditions, such as ice and snow on the road and the amazing nature, it was a great experience.

Before flying to Stockholm Skavsta, which is really cheap, we already did our homework. We looked up what we wanted to see and made our route based on the highlights. Based on the route, we have booked nice AirBnBs. Figuring out for a road trip, backpack trip or a holiday is already fun. You will learn more about the countries where you will visit.

Dusseldorf airport in Weeze

Day 1: Off to Scandinavia

The winter road trip started when we landed at the small airport Stockholm Skavsta. This is about an hour and a half's drive from the capital Stockholm. And you can already have a ticket for 20 euros via RyanAir.

With a rented FIAT 500x we drove towards Mjönäs, a small village above Karlstad. On the way we made a stop in Örebro to have a bite to eat, because we had a late afternoon flight.

We continued our trip to Mjönäs with a pizza in our stomach. Here the jeep, our means of transport for the rest of the road trip, is waiting for us. Upon arrival we immediately turned on the wood stove and had a quiet evening, because the next morning we planned to leave early.

Day 2: To the bear park in Orsa

After a good and tasty breakfast, we left Mjönäs for over a week. We exchanged the Fiat for the jeep. And we headed north. About 200 kilometers of driving was waiting for us. On the way we experienced the special winter nature in Sweden.

Frozen lake in Sweden

After 4 hours of total driving we arrived at the wild animal park Björnpark. The park is really big and the animals have a lot of space in the enclosures. More than in a zoo. However, the park was disappointing, because we ourselves had a high expectation of it. We did see polar bears play, a Siberian tiger looking for its flesh, wolves and other animals. In addition, the park has several viewing spots with great views.

Wolf in the Björnpark i Orsa, SwedenView in the Björnpark in Orsa, Sweden

Because we had already pre-booked our AirBnbs, we were able to find the best places for little money. Near Orsa, is a small town called Mora, maybe the "mmmm of Mora" comes from there.

We were received very hospitably by our host Jannes. A very nice man who has completely converted his shed into a cabin (a cabin is the Swedish name for a house). Everything was built in and we were surprised by a bottle of wine ready for us. And of course immediately came. After all, we are on a road trip! And we had beautiful views of a half-frozen lake with a lot of snow!

Day 3: Off to Norway

During our road trip we decided in advance to see as much as possible of Sweden and Norway. And that only works if you don't stay somewhere too long. That is why we slept one night in this nice cabin.

Off to Norway! According to our schedule, this would be our longest road trip. Where in Sweden the roads are relatively easy to pass, you will notice this immediately in Norway. The roads are less wide. And due to the winter conditions, there was a lot of ice on the road, causing real rutting on the road of a few centimeters.

With sweaty hands on the wheel and an increased heart rate, we drove over ice roads in the dark. Not knowing if there were curves. And with a rock one meter away on one side of the car and a flowing river on the other, it was a special experience. Then arrive safely at the destination in the dark, surrounded by mountains.

After a quiet evening we saw the next morning how bad the roads were. It seemed to be a complete ice rink.

Fortunately, the major roads were better than the day before and we can prepare for our drive to Trondheim!

Day 4: Trondheim, here we come!

Driving to Trondheim was over an hour and that was very easy compared to the other days. Late in the morning we arrived in the center of Trondheim. Again we had rented an AirBnb (I like). Unfortunately this time it didn't go as we thought. We wanted to rent entire houses, but this was just a private room with a nice view of the harbor. Here we would stay 2 nights, but decided to make it 1 night.

Munkfors ice hockey game