About Kvntravel

A travel blog where I share blogs with you while searching for the most special place on earth. You probably know it. The one place, where you get all quiet, get a lump in your throat, tears in your eyes, goose bumps all over your body and that maybe the only sensible thing that can come out of your mouth is WOW! And for that particular special place I'm looking for and I like to take you along with me in this journey.

Who's behind Kvntravel

My name is Kevin and I have a great passion for travel, design, photography and I really like to inspire people. To inspire people with the travels I make, Kvntravel was born. Here you can find roadtrips to for example Croatia, Sweden and Norway. Also my backpack trip in Canada has helped me a lot in my development.

Feel free to look around on my blog and I am very curious for your feedback! Positive, but also where I can improve. I can learn from everything to do better, which also benefits you.

Safe travels,