Backpack destination 2019 determined!

At the beginning of this year I shared my plan for the end of the year. A backpack trip with a choice between Asia and South America. Both seem really great to me.

Now the summer is over it is really getting closer and I have made my final choice where the trip is going and which countries.

I've discussed with my work to have a paid leave of 2 months in the period end November to mid January. A long period of not working :)! This also means that holidays like Christmas and New Year's Eve are not celebrated in the Netherlands with the family and friends but somewhere else in the world.

I have chosen to go to Asia! There I want to discover the countries Cambodia and Vietnam. I'm really looking forward to this trip, but unfortunately it's just a matter of time before the adventure starts. However, I can start with the preparations.

Among other things, I have to book a plane ticket, get my vaccinations and map out the global route. Next to that I'm going to make a page, where you'll get daily updates of my trip.