Doubts about the next backpack destination

travel-blogger-kevinBy Kevin /  / 1 min. read

As January is almost reached and I haven't planned anything yet, besides a camper road trip towards Croatia this summer. I feel a bit sad to not look forward to an amazing trip in advance. Cause of a year ago around this time, I did an amazing winter road trip in Scandinavië and I really liked it. Therefore, I want to look forward to a trip! Maybe I will go next month to Sweden but I’m not sure yet.

When I looked into my empty travel schedule I will plan a backpack trip end of the year. I am doubting where to go next trip. Explore the temples, food, rice fields and more in Asia. Or will I discover different heights, culture and Machu Picchu in South-America? A difficult choice for me.

Luckily, I've enough time to choose the destination and organize the backpack trip. In upcoming months, I will find out what's the best time to travel and decide which destination it will be.

If you have to choose between Asia and South-America, which one will it be? Or please share your tips with me if you've been there already. I'm curious about your story.