Enthusiastic about traveling

When it comes to traveling, I get very excited and feel happy. Then start to radiate completely and I can talk about it all evening in a bar.


"I already had such a suspicion, because otherwise why would you start Kvntravel.nl", I already hear you think. Yes, that's right! With this travel blog I can share my enthusiasm and experiences as a backpacker with you. And hopefully it will give you positive energy!

The freedom you experience, having to do nothing and trying everything, going where you want to be at your own pace and understanding new cultures. This is a GE-WEL-DIG feeling that gives me an energy boost. With this energy I can work on creating beautiful things in my work when I return!

I can really look forward to a new travel destination at any time if something is planned. The "journey" to it is also a party, like figuring out what I want to do and see there. And with some I absolutely want to do, such as making a boat trip in Cambodia instead of the much cheaper and faster bus journey.

There are also times when I am not traveling, and that will certainly be the case in 2020. Then I like to read travel stories from other Dutch travel blogs. Or I will already work out ideas for the next trip.


When planning, I am also curious about the best hotspots, the must-see's and the hidden gems of the destination. For this I watch one of the travel blogs of my fellow travel bloggers to know more about that destination I would like to go to.

And now continue dreaming until everything is back to normal for travelers.