Why road tripping through Italy is on my bucketlist

As an enthusiastic and adventurous backpacker I like to travel to discover the world in my own way. This does not always have to be a long journey to the other side of the world, because this can also be done very well in Europe. And to discover Europe I have already been to Italy 2 times, but I still have Italy on my bucket list. You can read what that is at the end of this blog, but first I want to share 2 experiences in Italy with you.

Camping on Lake Garda

About 11 years ago I first came to Italy. Together with a friend I flew to Milan Bergamo and then continued by train to Lake Garda. The train journey was quite an experience, because all kinds of things happened. For example, the train suddenly stopped in the middle of a village at a railway crossing, where the conductor and the driver got out. I still have no idea what actually happened back then.

With some delay we finally arrived at the campsite on the edge of the authentic, but above all beautiful Peschiera del Garda. In this village you can do everything, such as a market or in the evening at the water for a snack and drink. Also trips to a city nearby or to Venice are what I can really recommend.

It was 10 days with delicious Italian food, sunny weather almost every day and, as a novice student, of course with the necessary drinks.

By the way, I searched for pictures of this holiday on Lake Garda in Italy, but couldn't find them anywhere... an extra reason to go back to this area, right?

Overlooking Lake Maggiore

Luxury on Lake Maggiore

The 2nd time I was in Italy I first camped at the water in Baveno for a night. Then we drove on to Laveno, on the other side of Baveno on Lake Maggiore in Northern Italy.

Laveno was not staying overnight at a campsite, but in a luxury hotel: De Charme Laveno. The location of this hotel is brilliant and has everything you need. From the hotel rooms you have a view of Lake Maggiore. In the evening Baveno and the other villages on the other side light up and that is beautiful to see. And if that wasn't enough, this rooftop hotel even has a heated infinity pool.

Laveno is a nice and cozy village right on the lake. Here and around Laveno you can enjoy delicious food and taste different regional wines. In the village I rented a boat to sail across the lake. At some restaurants/hotels you can moor which is nice and then have a nice lunch, drink coffee (or espresso of course) or have a drink.

I only have a few days in Laveno, because I was on a road trip through Luxembourg, France, Italy and Germany.

Italy tour

Thanks to these 2 experiences I'm really curious how the rest of Italy is. It therefore seems very cool and a special experience to make a complete road trip from north to south of Italy with a camper bus. So really take the time to do this in 1 to 2 months. Also nice for your bucketlist.

In this way, I want to discover the most beautiful places of Italy, such as the most famous places: Florence, Rome, Dolomites and Cinque Terre. And also the less touristy places that can be found in Italy.

What do you really think is a must-see in Italy?
Send a DM or message, and I will thank you for helping me.