VLOG: Zwarte Cross 2018

This time something different than a travel blog. So it's about traveling, but about the De Zwarte Cross festival in Lichtenvoorde.

De Zwarte Cross is the largest festival in the Netherlands. During the weekend, 220,000 thousand people go here from all over the Netherlands, but also from abroad.

Vlogging at the Zwarte Cross 2018

Vlog: Zwarte Cross 2018

For my work I made this vlog, where I started following a cross team. First part of the preparations. Then with Aunt Rikie (who does not know her) welcome the cross team to the registrations for the cross. And on Friday, when it really started for everyone, I was allowed to go on the cross track with the team. What a great experience!

Kvntravel op de Zwarte Cross 2018great and fun experience to experience the Black Cross vlogging. It was the first time I made a vlog and I have to admit it's more difficult than I thought. You are doing a lot of things at once, such as:

  • what and how to say it exactly
  • I record the correct images
  • how to interview others

These are things that I found difficult to do, but it got better and better. Would say, check out the video, if you haven't seen it yet and I'm very curious what you think of the video!