The reason why I like the Niagara Falls

On the border of Canada and US are the beautiful Niagara Falls.

The Niagara Falls

From Toronto it is about two hours by car, but you can also go by bus (Tip: use GreyHound). If you are in New York, it will take a little longer but you'll not regret it.

It is not a large nature reserve in no man's land, no, it attracts many tourists. Something special, that of course almost the whole world wants to see.

In the vicinity of the falls you will find many hotels, casinos and restaurants. However, the Niagara Falls are no less impressive. It remains, of course, a natural phenomenon.

The Niagara Falls themselves are great, because it keeps flowing so much water through it, it is a huge force! The power, strength and size of the waterfall makes this natural wonder special.

Tourists at Niagara Falls

To please all those tourists, you can view the falls from different ways. From America (or rather the United States), and of course from Ontario in Canada. You also have the Maid of the Mist tour, where you take a boat out on the water. You will get soaking wet from this (so bring dry socks)! You can also see the falls from the back (Journey behind the Falls).

Niagara Falls

Niagara Falls

Niagara Falls

Haven't you been to Niagara Falls yet? And it doesn't matter if you are in Toronto or in New York. It is recommended!