Domain name and Hosting

Registering a domain name and arranging hosting for your travel blog is pretty easy, almost the same as booking a plane ticket.

If you just Googled, you can see that there are a lot of parties that can offer this. And some can install WordPress with a single click. Try to make sure your domain name resembles as much as possible the travel blog name you chose.

When blogging in English, try to register a .com domain name. This will help you to be found in Google. And of course that's what you want.

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Hosting for your travel blog

In order for your travel blog to be visible to others, your blog will have to be online. Hosting parties can make sure your website is online. Here you have to pay a small annual fee, especially for blogs.

For most parties, the smallest package is sufficient. The smallest package at Versio is more than enough and for only 10,- euro you are ready to start.

Action points

Do you find it difficult to determine what you need? Send an email and I will be happy to help you.