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Creditcard while travelling?

Do you really need a credit card on your trip or is only your debit card enough? Read the pros and cons…


Visa Vietnam

All the information you need to know to apply for and obtain a Vietnam visa.


Travel playlists on Spotify by Kvntravel

While traveling you are tasting many (new) flavors and you can see how interesting the surroundings are.…


How to apply for a visa for Cambodia

All the information you need to know to apply for and obtain a Cambodia visa.


Backpack destination 2019 determined!

End of the year my backpack trip goes to...


Doubts about the next backpack destination

As January is almost reached and I haven't planned anything yet, besides a camper road trip towards Croatia…


Ultimate checklist for backpacking [free download]

No idea what to consider for a backpack trip, this backpack packing list will help you pack your backpack.

The reason why I like the Niagara Falls

The beautiful Niagara Falls are located on the border of Canada and America.


The best hostel in Toronto

Sleep in the best hostel of Toronto during your backpacking trip.