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Why road tripping through Italy is on my bucketlist

As an enthusiastic and adventurous backpacker I like to travel to discover the world in my own way. This…


Deventer Op Stelten 2021 with "Binnen de Perken"

Every year there is a large theater festival full of art and performances in Deventer. Where the 2020…


3 x inspiration for your next road trip in Europe

Europe is beautiful! It has a lot of culture and nature to offer. You don't have to be outside of Europe…


Traveling during Corona, you visit those countries!

Find all regulations and information about your next travel destination here! ✈️


This is how public transport works in Berlin

In this blog you will discover how public transport in Berlin works. Which tickets are available and…


Discover paradise Kefalonia

Discover the Ionian island of Kefalonia for your ultimate sun holiday, the Greek Caribean just 2.5 hours…


Road trip Croatia with camper

The Croatian coast is one of the most beautiful in Europe. A road trip through this beautiful country…