Which CMS is the best for your travel blog

Not seeing the forest for the trees is something you probably already know. That is exactly what is happening with Content Management Systems, CMS in short. A CMS ensures that you can easily manage your blog to provide it with new blogs. WordPress and Joomla! are two major CMS's that can be used. There are also countless smaller systems that can do roughly the same thing. Namely: Blogging!

What is the best platform?

I can't say that one system is better than another, because that has to do with personal preference and the requirements you have. Take WordPress as an example. About 50% of the website runs on that system.

Is this the best? Maybe. It has advantages, such as many plugins, many (free) themes and you can find a lot of information about it. But it also has a major drawback, such as security. Because many websites run on it, it is also more interesting to hack a WordPress website.