Hot air balloon ride in Cappadocia - Bucketlist #8

Cappadocia is a region south of the steppe in the Turkish regions of Central Anatolia and Eastern Anatolia. The area is on the UNESCO World Heritage List and is partly protected by the Göreme National Park.

The area covers an area of 2000 km² and lies between the rivers Euphrates and Kizil Irmak. The highest peak in the area is the volcano Erciyes Dağı (3917 meters). In addition, there are two other volcanoes in the area: the Hasan Dağı and the Melendiz Dağı. The most important and largest cities in this area of Central Turkey are Nevsehir, Kirsehir, Aksaray, Nigde and Kayseri.

At the time of the Roman Empire, Cappadociat was a Roman province, which bordered Armenia in the east, Mesopotamia, Syria and Cilicia in the south, Galatia in the west and Pontus in the north. In the east it is mountainous and volcanic, in the west it is flat with mostly plateaus.

Travelling to Cappadocia

Cappadocia is located in the middle of Turkey, near the airports Kayseri Airport and Nevsehir Airport. From the Netherlands you can fly there with Turkish Airlines or Pegasus Airlines via Istanbul. The trip takes more than 6 hours and you pay from € 150 for a return ticket. Another and maybe even better option is to fly via Dusseldorf International Airport. Pegasus will fly you directly to Kayseri in four hours and the price for a return ticket starts at € 110. From both airports there are shuttle buses to Cappadocia.

It is also possible to travel by land. Several bus companies have lines departing from the major cities. The journey takes 12 hours from Istanbul, 9 hours from Antalya and 5 hours from Ankara.

Once in the neighborhood of Cappadocia, it is recommended to rent a car, the area is vast and there is little public transport.