The Mount Everest Base Camp - Bucketlist #14

Hiking to Mount Everest Base Camp is seen by many travelers as a dream and is often very high on the travel bucket list.

And that makes sense, because Mount Everest is the highest mountain in our world and something like that attracts people.

Reaching the top

If you want to climb all the way to the top (8800 meters) then you must be an experienced climber and have obtained certain certificates. Climbing the top is also very dangerous.

Base Camp

But with the Mount Everest Base Camp you can reach a height of 5546 meters. Also quite high of course. The route to it is tough and it is recommended to be in good shape.

Now there are multi-day treks to the Mount Everest Base Camp available to make your dream of climbing Mount Everest (partly) come true.

Cleaning up your mess

In case you want to go hiking to the Mount Everest Base Camp, I would like to say that you also clean up all the waste you make. In this way we keep the world a little better together.