Go hiking to the top of Trolltunga - Bucketlist #6

Trolltunga (the tongue of the troll) is a stone formation in the Norwegian province of Hordaland that protrudes almost horizontally from the mountains, about 350 meters above the Ringedalsvannet, near Tyssedal in the municipality of Odda.

To get to Trolltunga, one travels to Odda (counted from the side of Røldal), then to Skjeggedal, which can be reached via the town of Tyssedal.

It used to be possible to take the Mågelibanen, a wagon pulled up by cable, but since 2010 it is no longer open to tourists and is only used by owners of a hut at the top of the valley.

Follow the path that starts behind the building next to the Mågelibanen, to the top. It is a fairly steep climb to the top. From the top (you almost end up next to the Mågeli lanes), follow the path through the valley for some time and then climb the mountain on the east side. From here it is a 3 hour walk to Trolltunga.

At a certain point the Ringedalsvannet appears on the right side. From there it is at least another hour and a half walk. For a trip back and forth to Trolltunga one has to count 8 to 10 hours. The path is well signposted with a T, only the last part is a bit less. The Norwegian Tourist Association has huts in the area where overnight stays are possible.

The increased popularity of this location brings with it an increase in pollution from the visitors which leads to friction with the locals.