Traveling during Corona, you visit those countries!

The Coronavirus has severely restricted travel since the spring of 2020. In the summer it all looked a bit more positive, but it is still limited.

One country is open to tourism and the other is not. And what is yellow now can be orange the next day/week. And then you have the various restrictions for your travel destination.

Fortunately, there are still European countries open as a travel destination. And on you will find all the measures that apply to the country you want to visit. After choosing your destination, you can filter on the right. If you click on a symbol, you will immediately see whether you can travel there, wear a mouth mask and other restrictions per country.

Overview restrictions European countries


The Dutch government also has an overview with which the countries are colored.

  • Green: safe for travel
  • Yellow: Travel is possible, but has restrictions
  • Orange: only necessary travel
  • Red: do not travel

For all countries outside Europe, the Dutch government gives at least an orange travel advice. It seems that in the coming period we should mainly enjoy our own little country. If you really want to go abroad, it will mainly be in Europe. And that can be just as beautiful as a long trip to Asia, such as Croatia or Sweden.

In any case, make sure that you follow the restrictions at your travel destination and also follow the restrictions of your government when you return.

No idea how long it will take, but lets travel safe.