The best 5 travel apps while travelling

During my trip in Canada, where I did not plan anything in advance, using travel apps was very useful. Book a hostel, know what the highlights of a city are or translate a difficult word.

You need these travel apps while traveling

There are many travel apps available, but the 5 apps below really come in handy during my travels. Which travel app is indispensable for you?

Google Translate

Google Translate is the big Google. This is one of the best translation apps out there. It does exactly what you would expect it to do. You type your Dutch sentence in the app, which you then have translated into one of the other +100 different languages. Half of the languages ​​can even be used offline! Super handy!

You can also use it the other way around to understand something. You can do this by typing it, but you cannot do this with every language. The app has a fantastic option for that. With the ability to translate text by taking a photo, the app makes it super useful in Asia, for example. Or closer to home, Eastern Europe.

If you are going to China, Japan or Korea, it is better to download the Waygo app. This is aimed at Chinese, Japanese and Korean translations.

Download Google Translate

Downloading Google Translate is free for iPhone and Android.

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HostelWorld is a good app for finding and booking a hostel worldwide. You simply search by city and date, or use your GPS location to find a good and reliable hostel. With +9 million reviews from other travelers, it really makes it reliable. And that in 170 countries! For example, during my backpacking trip in Canada I sat in this hostel in Toronto.

In this app you can easily see the prices for a bed in a dorm (shared room) or a private room. It is also safe because you can pay with credit card and PayPal.

Download HostelWorld

Downloading HostelWorld is free for iPhone and Android. Booking hostels obviously costs money.

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Are you going on a trip soon and you always have too much stuff with you? The PackPoint app will help you with this. Based on the duration, destination, weather and planned activities of your trip, tell PackPoint exactly what you need. It also comes with suggestions of what to pack so you can take the right gear with you on your trip.

Download free checklist for backpacking

Download PackPoint

Downloading PackPoint is free for iPhone and Android.

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Guides by Lonely Planet

A handy app where you can read travel guides (read all about Karlstad) of now +100 cities. You will find different types of information, such as activities, restaurants and nightlife, places to spend the night and areas to shop. The information you request is all stored offline on your phone, so that you do not have any extra internet costs during your trip.

A big plus is the integrated dictionary, which makes it easier to communicate with the locals.

Download Guides by Lonely Planet

Downloading Guides by Lonely Planet is free for iPhone and Android.

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If other experiences are important to you, then you should definitely download the TripAdvisor app. It is a nice app to know what the best hotspots (check the my favorite hotspots of Deventer) are in a city, because the app has more +500 million reviews for restaurants, hotels and activities. Also can appreciate, describe and add photos to help other travelers make the right choice.

What is useful about this app is that you can also book a table directly, but also book a concert or a flight ticket.

Download TripAdvisor

Downloading TripAdvisor is free for iPhone and Android.

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