Grab, a must-have travel app for backpacking across Southeast Asia

Backpacking Southeast Asia can be an unforgettable adventure, but getting around the region's bustling cities can be a real challenge. Public transport can be confusing, taxis can be unreliable and walking long distances in the heat and humidity can be tiring and strenuous. That is why many backpackers and travelers turn to alternative transportation, such as Grab, to make traveling easier, safer and more comfortable.

Grab is one of the most popular alternative transportation travel app and has changed the way backpackers and travelers move around Southeast Asia. It operates in 300+ cities and eight countries. You can be brought to your destination with different modes of transport (including cars and motorcycles). If you are going to change hostels (including backpacks), to a hidden gem or for a night out, you can use this travel app Grab.

Advantages of using Grab

I also use Grab myself and these are a number of advantages why I find Grab super useful for backpackers in Southeast Asia.

1. Easy to use

With Grab you can quickly and easily book a ride to your next destination, even if you don't speak the local language (it will translate for you). In this travel app, the fare of your ride becomes visible, so that you know where you stand and do not have to negotiate or be scammed. You can link it to your credit card, so that cash is not needed.

2. Security

Safety is always an important issue when travelling. As a man I will feel less unsafe, but can imagine a female solo traveler experiencing this differently. Fortunately, Grab thinks this is important too and has looked for and found ways to make sure you and I feel safe.

Every driver is screened and undergoes investigations into past incidents. After every ride you can leave your experience. And good to know is that you can follow the ride in real time. Or share your trip data with other backpackers, friends or family.

3. Affordability

One of the best things about Grab is its affordability and knowing what you're going to spend getting to your destination. It will certainly be cheaper than randomly taking a taxi somewhere.

Make sure you arrange it through the app itself, because if you stop them on the street you often pay more. At Grab you can also earn rewards and discounts if you use the app regularly.

4. Flexibility

Grab has several options of means of transport. This way you can choose something based on what you want and budget. If you are traveling alone, it is best to book a motorbike, especially useful for short trips or in the busy cities (trust me).

If you go with several backpackers or a longer distance, a (larger) car or van is useful to do.

5. Accessibility

Grab is available in 300+ cities (8 countries) in Southeast Asia, so you're likely to find a ride wherever you are in e.g. Thailand, Vietnam and Indonesia.

The app is also user-friendly and available in several languages, including Dutch.

Order food with GrabFood

In addition to taking you to a destination, it has its own food delivery service called GrabFood. Have the food ordered for when it rains or you fancy a tasty pizza on the beach.

Get Grab

If you're planning a trip to Asia, make sure you download Grab before you go. It's a convenient, cost-effective and safe way to get around, and it can make your travel experience a lot more enjoyable.

Download Grab


Grab is actually indispensable if you go backpacking through Southeast Asia. It's convenient, safe, affordable, flexible and accessible, making it an ideal way to get around. Especially if you don't want to drive a scooter / motorcycle yourself. So if you're planning a backpacking trip to Southeast Asia, don't forget to download the Grab app.