KopieID for easy secure your passport copy

When backpacking, hostels, scooter companies or local surf school can rent otherwise ask for a copy of your passport. Really never give your passport so they make a copy. Therefore, make sure you have a copy of your passport, where you conceal fraud-sensitive data. Our government has developed an app that allows you to do this very easily.

Make secure copies

It works very simply. You take a photo of your passport and cross out the privacy-sensitive information. By hiding this information, you prevent yourself from becoming a victim of identity fraud. It becomes much more difficult when important information is crossed out.

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Which information cross out on passport?

That one hostel in Bangkok, that man who rents the scooters in Greece or that surf babe really does not use your citizen service number, so cross that standard. And in some cases you can also cross out your photo.

Make sure that the copy always states which company it is for and the date. And if you don't carry a printer with you in your backpack, you can still do it old school with a pen.

This way you make a safe copy, so that malicious parties are no longer using it.


Easy to save and share

Adding the company and date can easily be done in the app itself. That's what they call a watermark here. This is very useful if you want to share it or upload it somewhere. You can also make one without a watermark. You can then print this several times and take it with you. Think about our world and don't take 100 with you. You really don't need that many.

How does the KopieID app work?

This Instruction video explains how to use the app and how it works.

Instruction video how the KopieID app works

Download the KopieID app

You can simply download the copy ID app from the app store. Via these 2 links you are directly on the right page in your iOS or Andriod app store.

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