Polarsteps helps you keep track of your trip

Find out what Polarsteps is and how it helps you track your journey. When you travel, you would like to record this. And of course your family and friends also wonder where you are. Keeping a travel blog can take quite some time but with the app Polarsteps is very easy!

With Polarsteps you create a timeline of the places you've been. At each place you can then add your own photos and texts. This way you map your trip and you can easily share everything with the home front. Then they don't have to constantly ask where you are.

To do this, you must first create a free account with Polarsteps and download the app. You can also choose to create your own travel blog or cooperate with Kvntravel Business.

Polarsteps map

Polarsteps app

Is Polarsteps really better than your own travel blog? No, not necessarily. It is quick to set up and use. You have no control over how it looks visually.

I myself use Polarsteps to keep track of the route with short notes. I will use this to share it with you later. In the app you can see the route and the report at a glance.

Polarsteps also helps you post memories about your trip so you don't forget. If you have your own travel blog, it may happen that you forget it because of all the impressions.

Download Polarsteps

Polarsteps is available for free for iPhone and Android.

Download for iPhone Download for Android

Polarsteps photo book of your trip

The best thing is, when you have finished your trip or your Polarsteps you can print a Travel Book from your profile. This is not mandatory, but is an option. In such a Travel Book all your statistics, texts and photos are printed in a nice way.

You see, as it were, your timeline and photos in a book. Normally you pay € 30 for a 24 page Photobook (this is the cheapest option, you can also make a book of about 300 pages but you pay a little more for this).

Video Polarsteps photo book

This video shows what the Polarsteps photo book looks like.