The 15 best travel gifts for travelers

Are you looking for a fun or practical travel gift for a traveler? Or are you going on a trip yourself soon and do you still need practical travel accessories? These are the 15 nicest and practical travel gifts for 2022 to surprise someone. So make that wanderlust boyfriend, girlfriend, sibling happy with one of these travel gifts.

Xiaomi powerbank

1. Power bank

A power bank is extremely useful for every traveler. This means that a mobile, eReader or other device can be charged at any time of the day. This Xiaomi Power Bank is ideal, as it is robust and has a lot of power (up to charge your mobile 3 times). In addition, it has been selected as the best power bank a number of times.

Swiss pocket knife

2. Pocket Knife

Carrying a pocket knife when traveling is extremely useful! Because they are compact, they also take up little space. I use such a pocket knife to cut freshly bought fruit or to make a washing line. A beers or a bottle of wine can also be prepared.

KOBO Clara HD eReader

3. eReader

Instead of carrying around 10 books in your backpack, an eReader is a real solution. An eReader is light in weight and can easily be read in the sun. This KOBO eReader automatically adapts to the ambient light, so that you can also read in the hostel at night. 6,000 books can be put on the eReader, so there is no use of space.

Lonely Planet 2022

4. Lonely Planet (Digital)

Is he about to leave? Then a (digital) Lonely Planet of his/her destination the perfect travel gift to give, because a Lonely Planet contains a lot of practical information about a destination, such as accommodations, food and highlights. If anyone has no travel plans yet, then these inspirational books from Lonely Planet are also recommended: Ultimate destinations, 80 Sustainable travel or Ultimate Travel Planner Europe.

NOMAD Explorer backpack

5. Backpack voucher

There is a wide choice in backpacks and not every backpack is equally comfortable, especially when it comes with weight. This differs per person. With a backpack voucher gift you can look for the right backpack together.

Packing cubes

6.Packing Cubes

A must-have for every backpacker are packing cubes. A practical travel gift to make someone very happy. The advantage of packing cubes is that all items are organized in the backpack. This is also ideal when backpacking, because then the entire backpack does not have to be emptied upside down.

Hangbare toilettas

7. Hangable Toiletry Bag

We linger for a while in the practical gifts, because a hangable toiletry bag is really super practical. This way all toiletries can stay together and in a hostel you can easily bring everything to a bathroom. Hang it on a hook in the bathroom or on the bed in the hostel. It makes the life of a backpacker just that little bit better.

Passport case

8. Passport Case

Very nice to give as a present. There are many different types of passport covers. From smooth to pattern and from leather to synthetic. And even more fun is to personalize one to whom you want to give this nice travel gift. This is also practical, because then the person immediately recognizes that it is his/hers.


9. Travel Diary

Besides the fact that there are all kinds of apps to record a trip it can also always be done in the 'old' way. How nice is it to keep a travel diary of the trips someone makes and you can read them back later. You see a lot of backpackers in a travel diary or notebook. One writes every day, the other a week and another only when it suits him/her. I also write down my adventures, so that I can read them again later when the adventure is over.

Houten wereldkaart

10. World map of wood

Surprise someone with this wooden world map (140x75cm) for his/her home. As soon as it hangs on the wall, it is a real eye-catcher. This is made of MDF, but is also available in other more expensive woods.

Another option is a World Map Scratch. In this world map, the countries can be scratched open after visiting it, so you can see where you have been.


11. Travel hammock

A travel hammocks are easy to take with you wherever you go, because they are light, compact and quick to hang. The bringing a travel hammock for backpacking is not only a nice, but also a practical gift.

Reisspel Keer op Keer

12. Travel Games

With a travel game as a gift you can make almost everyone happy. There are really many different types of games, but the ones I always take with me are: Qwixx, Keer op Keer (similar to Qwixx) and Regenwormen. These are easy games that you can easily explain to someone else. In addition, a deck of cards always handy to have with you, although every hostel has them somewhere.


13. Spork

A spork is a durable travel accessory as it is a combination of a knife, fork and spoon. In this way, someone saves space and weight in the backpack and also has less dishes to wash. This spork in all kinds of colors and so you can choose the right color for who the travel gift is.

Wereldbol van kurk

14. Cork Globe

You make every traveler happy with that unique gift. With skewers, the backpacker can mark places in the cork globe where it has already been, or just want to go. In addition, this is a really cool eye-catcher for someone's home.

Dopper drinkfles

15. Drinking Bottle

A drinking bottle is a perfect travel gift, because it has something for everyone on their trip. For both short and long journeys, a drinking bottle, such as a Dopper always handy . Dopper also comes in a thermo variant, so your water stays nice and warm or cold. And in many places in the world you can't just drink water from the tap (like in all of Asia), so you always have drinking water with you when you are thirsty.

A drinking bottle fits in almost all cases in the side pocket of a backpack, but it is also useful if the bottle has a cord to hang it on the backpack. There are different sizes, so I always have a drinking bottle with a smaller content (650ML), but you also have them with a larger content (1000ML), then you have to carry more weight.

These were the 15 nicest and practical travel gifts you can give to travelers. You can surprise someone with these ideas for travel gifts.

Do you already know which travel gift you are going to give?