Travel hammock for backpacking

While backpacking through Asia you will regularly lie in it. I also always sleep in it for a few nights per backpacking trip. They are comfortable and light in weight. We are talking about the travel hammock. A hammock that you can easily take with you on a trip, hang up quickly and then enjoy it.

For me, a hammock always gives the ultimate and relaxed travel feeling. At home I have a sturdy and heavy hammock that I mainly use in the summer. And while traveling I take my travel hammock.

Buy a hammock

Because there are always a few trees or stone pillars where you can hang the hammock and then chill, read a book or sleep in it. Yes, sleep, because the advantage of a travel hammock is that you can close it completely, so that you are really closed in the hammock. Much more comfortable and also ensures that it is less cold at night.

Travel hammock

There are many types of travel hammocks, but I received my travel hammock from Tropilex to test it and share my experience with you. This hammock is made of parachute fabric, which makes it very light (0.8 kg) and small to take with you in your backpack.

The hammock comes in a cover containing the hammock, two lightweight carabiners and two 3-meter long tree-traps. I personally find this length ideal, because you don't always find two trees at the perfect distance from each other. In addition, it is very easy to use and you can chill in your hammock within 5 minutes.

Use travel hammock as bed

I mentioned earlier that a travel hammock is ideal for sleeping. Both for a nap on your relaxed chill days and to really spend the night.

If you are going hiking for a week and want the ultimate feeling of nature by sleeping in the open air, or if you are cycling through Europe and you don't know where you will arrive in the evening, your travel hammock can also serve as a bed in case of emergency.

If you are going to use it for the night, try to hang the hammock as straight as possible and less in a banana shape. This ensures that you can sleep well and believe me, this is so much more relaxed for your back the next day(s).

Benefits of a travel hammock

Let's take a look at the advantages of a travel hammock compared to a regular hammock:

  • compactly packed
  • light in weight
  • ready within 5 minutes with handy hanging system
  • washable (hand wash 30 degrees in a laundry bag)
  • dries quickly
  • supplied complete with tree-traps and carabiners
  • to close completely

Own experience

I myself slept in a travel hammock on the way from Ho Chi Minh to Dalat. I went by motorcycle from the south to North Vietnam and the schedule didn't go as planned and I had to stop early. After asking the local pharmacist for a place to sleep, he took me to a restaurant owner.

This man offered me a place to sleep in his restaurant. My bed was a travel hammock. Here I slept, I smelled the smell of spring rolls and had a view of the mountainous landscape near Dalat. An amazing experience!

During the same trip, I also slept in a hammock on the island of Cat Ba in the north. This was the ultimate feeling of freedom you can have and about which you only hear beautiful stories. Imagine the following image: sandy beach, sea and a magnificent view with chalk cliffs. This image with lying in a hammock to spend the night.

It sounds fantastic, right? There was only one thing I had overlooked. It cooled off tremendously at night. A good lesson and I want to share it with you. If you sleep in a hammock, make sure you are warmly dressed and put a blanket both above and below you.


Bringing a travel hammock is super handy. It offers you extra flexibility and you can therefore relax or spend the night anywhere. With its compact size and light weight, you won't realize you're carrying it with you. All types and sizes of (travel) hammocks are best found at Hammock World.

A travel hammock is also nice to give as a gift when someone goes on vacation or on a trip. Of course you can also give it to yourself as a gift. By the way, there are more nice travel gifts you can give to a traveler.

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