Tips for travel alone for the first time

I'm going to help you make it a lot easier the first time traveling alone. The first time traveling alone is exciting. You are alone, out of your comfort zone and in a country where you have (probably) not been.

But once you've gone, you don't want anything else. At least, that is my experience. When traveling alone, make one of your best experiences with these 7 tips below.

1. Enjoy every moment

We will put your mind at ease. If you travel alone you are not often alone (unless you want to of course). There are more people like you. For real! But before you embark on the adventure, make sure you are not afraid of being alone. The moments alone in a restaurant or wandering through a city are the moments when you are really close to yourself. The environment can suck in you. Shameless people can watch. Enjoy it!

Still feeling a little uncomfortable? Make sure you have a book, travel guide or diary in your bag. This way you always have something to do when you are alone at a table.

2. Sleep in dorms in hostels

A dorm is where you sleep in a room with several other travelers. Usually in bunk beds, but not always. The picture that dorms are rancid, dirty and noisy is not entirely true. There are some hostels that confirm this, but generally they are clean rooms with a very good travel atmosphere.

The advantage of choosing a dorm is that the cheapest solution is to stay overnight. You simply meet other travelers. And that almost everyone in a dorm is open to contact. Many solo travelers choose a shared room for these reasons.

Sleeping tips in a dorm

  • Earphones! Really take them with you! You don't want to wake up from returning partygoers.
  • Do you have trouble sleeping in bright environments, bring an eye mask and you will be able to get that extra hour of sleep.
  • Hang a (hand) cloth around your bed to create your own (privacy) spot.

3. Sit at the bar

Do you want a drink somewhere and are you alone? Sit at the bar instead of a table in a corner. This way you show others that you are open to a conversation. You can also speak to people who order drinks. And maybe invite you to join after a short conversation. Are you not addressed or is nobody going to order something? Then you can always have a chat with the staff.

4. Dare to ask

Sometimes you have to put aside your embarrassment to join a group. But did you know that many groups are composed of different solo travelers? So they know exactly what it's like to be alone for a while.

In the beginning it is still a threshold that you have to cross, but after a number of positive experiences (which you will definitely get), it is getting easier. For the first time, aim your arrows at a group that is playing a game, for example. Ask what they are playing and if you are allowed to join (you will probably be invited to play after the first question). Often you can join immediately, resulting in a pleasant evening! In addition, plans are made for the following day on such evenings. Before you know it, you will no longer be traveling alone.

Book group tours

Tours are offered all over the world. From multi-day hikes to snorkeling trips and from free walking tours to cooking classes. You can't think of it so much or there is a tour available for booking. Therefore, step in to various tour operators and ask for the group tours. These kinds of activities are not only great fun, they are also the ideal way to meet travelers and exchange stories.

5. Ask travelers for tips

Do you have a certain activity in mind or do you want to visit a city? Ask other travelers for tips. There is no travel guide that can match the experience stories of others. You also get into conversation with people so quickly and there is a good chance that you can work together.

6. Remind part with home

Traveling is collecting memories. But what do you do with those memories if you can't share it with anyone? A good way is to keep a travel blog (for example Post your experiences here every week, even if you are on a short trip.

Not only does the home front enjoy reading your stories, it allows you to relive your experiences over and over again. Nice thing, you do not have to tell everything after returning home.

Create your own travel blog

Are you planning to do this? Then use these 5 steps how to start a travel blog.

Another way to share experiences is to keep in touch with the home front via WhatsApp, FaceTime or Skype.

7. Add connection to other travelers

Add travelers you meet on Facebook. This way you stay in touch with people who have experienced and seen the same as you. You can always remove them from your friends list over time.