Ticketdeals March 2018

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Every month we list a few good flight ticket deals, so that you do not have to go all over the internet. Do you want to leave in March? Then we have listed some interesting flight ticket deals for you here. For example, experience rugged Iceland for160 euros!

The airfare deals from March

And which destination would you like to go to in March?

Düsseldorf Weeze (NRN) » Timişoara (TSR)

Just like in February you can also fly cheaply again in March to Timişoara (TSR) in Romania. It is now slightly more expensive, but still little. Stay 3 nights and experience the Romanian culture.

  • Outbound flight: Sunday March 11
  • Return flight: Wednesday March 14

Düsseldorf Weeze (NRN) » Milan (all)

For 27 euros you can already fly to the fashion city of Europe and have a week to buy new outfits. With a cheaper ticket you can buy more nice clothes!

  • Outbound flight: Wednesday March 14
  • Return flight: Wednesday March 21

Düsseldorf Weeze (NRN) » Edinburgh (EDI)

Rugged Scotland is a wonderful place for beautiful walks. From Weeze you fly for 32 euros to the Scottish city of Edinburgh.

  • Outbound flight: Tuesday, March 6
  • Return flight: Saturday March 10

Amsterdam (AMS) » Reykjavik (all)

Fly to Iceland for 160 euros and experience the rugged environment, see the Northern Lights and make it an unforgettable trip. At the end of March, the five days in Iceland are all yours.

  • Outbound flight: Monday, March 26
  • Return flight: Friday March 30

Amsterdam (AMS) » New York, NY (all)

You can fly to NEW YORK for 355 euros. Yes, you read that right! You have plenty of time to visit this cosmopolitan city and take a trip to Boston or Niagara Falls!

  • Outbound flight: Wednesday March 14
  • Return flight: Sunday March 25

Amsterdam (AMS) » Toronto (all)

Also flying to Toronto is not expensive in March. You can fly to this big city in Canada for 351 euros! From Toronto you can drive to Niagara Falls in an hour and a half. Given the time between the outward and * Return flights, you have enough time to visit Montreál and Ottawa in a city trip.

  • Outbound: Monday, March 12
  • Return flight: Monday, March 26

Amsterdam (AMS) » Zanzibar (ZNZ)

Prefer a full week of tropical temperatures and a cocktail on the beach? Then fly to Zanzibar for 364 euros. Don't forget to book an all-in hotel.

  • Outbound flight: Wednesday, March 7
  • Return flight: Wednesday March 14