Visit the zoo Burgers' Zoo at the weekend

The zoo in Arnhem has been on my Zoo to-do list for a while now, but it never really came off. On Saturday morning I suddenly had the idea to go to Burgers' Zoo Arnhem in Arnhem.

It was a good weather for a day at the zoo and especially if it was planned spontaneously!

Why I wanted to go to Burgers' Zoo

Burgers' Zoo has imitated the underwater world wonderfully. You'll find a large coral reef of the Indopacific Ocean. We followed a path here, where you take a deep dive into the water. Along the dark places, where they have moray eels in the dark. We walked a little further. Here you'll find a huge panoramic window and all kinds of fish were swimming around among different sharks.

Besides the underwater world they also made the rainforest beautiful. It is nice and warm and humid. A super cool waterfall where you can walk along. It's like walking through a jungle.

I really wanted to see this and that's why Burgers' Zoo was on my list.

A journey through different parts of the world in one day

Besides these 2 worlds they also have a nice safari, where you can find giraffes, zebras and rhinos. The lions also walk around in spacious enclosures!

The desert world, the Desert, disappointed me a bit. There weren't many animals and there wasn't a clear route.

We also saw a lot of animals in Burgers' Zoo and they were all in spacious, very neat enclosures. From pinquins (which you see immediately upon entering) to my favorite, the meerkats. They are really funny and I really want to see them in the wild!

More information

Burgers' Zoo map

If you are going to Burgers' Zoo soon, you can already prepare with the map Burgers' Zoo. I like to experience the zoo without a map, because there is usually a logical route. In Burgers' Zoo they also have road signs, so you could also do it without a map.

Download the map of Burgers' Zoo

Opening hours Burgers' Zoo

I looked up the opening hours of Burgers' Zoo for you. It is open all year round and even during Christmas, New Year's Eve and New Year's Day you can watch the animals. There is only a difference between summer and winter time. During wintertime they close their doors two hours earlier.

Winter time

30 October 2016 to 25 March 2017, daily from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m.


26 March 2017 to 28 October 2017, daily from 9 a.m. to 6 p.m.