Gothenburg in 24 hours

In Sweden you have a number of large cities and Gothenburg is one of them. It is considered the second city in the country. What is very striking about Gothenburg are the Dutch influences that you often encounter, because many Dutch architects have designed buildings.

In 24 hours I experienced and experienced the city of Gothenburg. A city where you can see and do a lot in one day. Hereby I share my experience of 24 hours in Gothenburg in winter.


From the Netherlands, I drove with my parents up North and I dropped myself with a backpack on the edge of the center of Gothenburg. At the new stadium of IFK Göteborg Football Club to be precise.

It is not far from the stadium to the city center, which is easy to walk. So you immediately see a piece of Gothenburg. After all, that is my reason to visit this Swedish city.

Via HostelWorld, I booked my hostel in the Haga neighborhood. Located near Skansen Kronan and Slottsskogen which was perfect spot to sleep in Gothenburg. I found these two highlights worth visiting. Perfect to combine with a city walk.

Highlights Gothenburg

  • Haga neighborhood
  • Skansen Kronan
  • City Park Slottsskogen
  • The Viskerk
  • Central Station

The popular Haga district

Haga is a cozy and hip district in Gothenburg. With its nice cafes, coffee shops and many students, this district is very cozy. You can also very well keep a Fika in Haga. Fika is a Swedish tradition, where you go to drink coffee with a treat with friends and / or family.

Skansen Kronan

In the Haga district is an old fortress called Skansen Kronan. The tower of this fort is still intact. You reach the Skansen Kronan via a staircase. Which, by the way, is the best climb. Once you get to the top, the view over Gothenburg is fantastic. Not only during the day, but also at night you have a very nice view.

The tower is open on Thursday and Friday and you can enjoy a drink at the top. If you go on a different day, you can do your drink very well in Haga.

City Park Slottsskogen

In the south-west of the city you will find the largest city park in Gothenburg, Slottsskogen. The city park is very popular among the locals and is therefore often used for walking, running or cycling.

In addition to the space and peace you have, there is an animal park in Slottsskogen. In the animal park you often see Scandinavian animals. moose, reindeers and seals. Perhaps the best thing is that the entire park is for free.

I think it would be great to enjoy the grass here in the summer. Something that is not really possible in winter with all that snow.

The Viskerk

Gothenburg is a port city where a lot of fish is caught, sold and eaten. The best place to buy the fish is in the fish church. The fish church has a beautiful location, because you will find it on the canal.

The fish market is only open on weekdays and from what I have heard from the locals it is really worth visiting. Unfortunately I was on the weekend and I was unable to visit the fish church.

Central Station

Gothenburg station is centrally located. Next to Drottningtornet you will find the beautiful station hall from where you can travel further into the country. It was in winter with me and to make it more atmospheric it was decorated with all kinds of lights. It is a lively station where you can do a lot. There are enough coffee places inside and you will always find good street musicians.