Pros & Cons of backpacking in Vietnam during the rainy season

You want to go backpacking to Vietnam and it is precisely during the period that you want to go there that the rainy season is in Vietnam. Hmm, of course you wouldn't have wanted that, but luckily it not only has disadvantages, but also advantages. You can read this in this blog.

During the rainy season you could think of rain all day and sitting inside. That is hardly the case in Southeast Asia (and therefore Vietnam).

A short and heavy tropical rain shower often falls at the end of the afternoon. During this rain shower it is really advisable to shelter somewhere inside. You can do this in your hostel/guesthouse or in a chill spot where you can eat/drink something.

Because it usually falls at the end of the afternoon, there is a lot of time left to do something. It is best to do this in the morning (hey morning person, are you paying attention?) or early afternoon. Many activities can then be done very well.

Best time to visit Vietnam

Also, backpacking in Vietnam during rainy season has more advantages than you would expect, but it also has its drawbacks. These advantages and disadvantages of the rainy season in Vietnam I share with you here.

When is the rainy season in Vietnam you can read here.

Vietnam rainy season

Advantages rainy season in Vietnam

It sounds strange to say that a rainy season also has advantages, but fortunately there are. These are the best benefits you will have if you travel through Vietnam during the rainy season.

Vietnam is going green!

There is a lot of nature in Vietnam. With all the water from the rainy season, the whole country turns green. Especially at the end of the dry season.

All the rainwater ensures that nature changes into a beautiful and green Vietnam. The rice fields bloom, the waterfalls become more impressive and the rivers, such as the Mekong, are well filled. Vietnam at its green, greener and greenest! Excellent for the backpackers among us who are in love with beautiful nature.

More relaxed warmth

Thanks to the rainy season, there are more clouds and this provides natural protection from the sun. This is especially noticeable in the afternoon at the hottest time of the day. This makes hiking, cycling or something else more chilled to do.

When it has rained, nature always smells so wonderfully refreshing, doesn't it? This is also in Vietnam and the temperature drops a bit. It is then temporarily slightly "colder".

Less pressure

The rainy season in Vietnam attracts less backpackers. This makes it quieter in general. For example, Vietnamese public transport is less full, so you can still change your plans at the last minute. There are also no long queues at sights, crowded beaches and no crowded hostels and other accommodations that you have to fix far in advance. This ensures that you can go backpacking more flexibly.

Exception is the summer holidays where families travel to this country.

Cheaper accommodation and travel​

Traveling through Vietnam is cheap all year round. Due to the rainy season, prices for hotels and (luxury) resorts fall. Domestic flights are also cheaper during this period.

As a (budget) backpacker you will not always notice this difference in the hostels or cheaper guesthouses. During this period you will come across hostels where you can sleep for only 1 euro(!) per night.

Disadvantages rainy season in Vietnam

In addition to advantages, the rainy season also has real disadvantages, but they are not that bad. Below I list the main disadvantages of traveling in Vietnam during the rainy season.


Heavy rainfall can greatly delay a domestic flight and bus transport can also take a lot longer. So don't be surprised if your schedule doesn't quite work out.

Less pressure

The fact that it is less busy can therefore be an advantage, but also a disadvantage. Restaurants may be closed in some destinations due to less crowds. There are fewer backpackers (& other tourists), so most owners go on holiday during this period.

Risk of flooding

Due to the amount of rain that falls, it is possible that flooding can occur. The chance that you will suffer a lot from it while traveling is small.

What could happen is that the sewers of the big cities can't cope, causing some streets to be flooded for a while. Traffic will get stuck. And with the water up to your knees through it. Hoi An, a must-visit during your trip, is known for this and makes for impressive photos.

Road Safety

Vietnam is a popular destination among backpackers who cross the country on a motorcycle. The engines used are cheap and not always well maintained. Wet roads mean that you have to be very careful. Also, riding in a downpour or through flooded streets may not be the most ideal experience for novice riders.

Strong current in the sea

The rainy season in Vietnam can also bring strong currents off the coast. It is advisable to follow the safety instructions if they are already indicated. If you come to an empty beach, do not go too far into the sea to avoid risks.


Now that you know the pros and cons of the rainy season while backpacking in Vietnam, you can better prepare for it. In the end, the rainy season sounds a lot worse than it actually is. Take it with you when you are going to prepare for your backpack trip to Vietnam.

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