Travel playlists on Spotify by Kvntravel

While traveling you are tasting many (new) flavors and you can see how interesting the surroundings are.

Travelling is experiencing a place with all the senses you have. The taste of a delicious Pad Tai can remind you of Thailand and a photo of the beach of a sunny memory on an island. The same happens with music. Hearing a fragment can bring you back to that special journey.

5 Travel playlists on Spotify

In the journeys I make, music always helps me to get into the right feeling. With this in mind I've made 5 travel playlists for you. These playlists are inspired by certain themes, like a relaxing moment for yourself. Or when you're chilling on the beach with travel companions.

Use these playlists on the go or during your trip. Or listen from home to get in the travel mood and get inspired for your next trip.

Spotify playlist: The Lazy Backpacker

1. The Lazy Backpacker

Grab a moment for yourself. Lie down in a hammock and listen to the relaxed music from the playlist "The Lazy Backpacker".

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Spotify playlist: Road trip with Friends

2. Road trip w/ Friends

On a road trip the lack of music is unthinkable, I think. With this mix you turn it into an awesome road trip.

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Spotify playlist: Travel Vibes

3. Travel Vibes

Are you in the mood for a party when you're traveling? With the playlist Travel Vibes you and your travel friends can get into a nice party mood.

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Spotify playlist: Indie Travel

4. Indie Travel

When I'm traveling, I like to listen (a lot) to Indie music. This playlist strengthens your sense of freedom when traveling. You can listen to it all day long. Whether in a camper, on the beach or in a hostel.

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Spotify playlist: On a Winter trip

5. On a Winter trip

For those who are staying home during the winter there is the playlist "On a Winter Trip". Go on a trip in this playlist full of different kinds of music. And just from your couch.

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Where else can I find the travel playlists?

You can also find these travel playlists on the Pinterest account of Kvntravel. There you can easily save and share them with others.

Can I contribute?

Yes, of course you can and may contribute to these travel playlists. Send an email with your ideas or requests for new travel playlists. Also if you have a good suggestion on one of the 5 playlists.

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